Hey I'm Josh. 18 an redneck. All I do is work, get my truck dirty and drink shine an beer. Hell yeah that's all there is to it!

Happy August 18 (818)! 

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I’ve said to Kurt, endlessly, just “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” It’s been, by far and away, the greatest creative experience of my life, and I just adore playing this guy. It requires a huge amount of energy. Kurt hands me these scripts, and I think to myself, “Jesus, I’m not sure if I can play this, but if you have the confidence in me, then I’ll give it my best shot.”  (x)

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Dude you are a crazy bitch. Leave the poor guy alone.

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Stop saying he’s a bad father, because he’s not. He is a good father to his son and he does great with him, and he really does do a lot for him and you. What you mean to say is that he’s a shitty person. If what he’s doing is true then he’s a shitty person, but I’ve witnessed him and Anthony being together and he’s a great dad. So.. Get it right

Jax & Tara through the seasons [S1]

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