Hey I'm Josh. 18 an redneck. All I do is work, get my truck dirty and drink shine an beer. Hell yeah that's all there is to it!


Came home for the weekend to pick up my RPK, the bipod’s finally on and I couldn’t be any happier!!









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Happy August 18 (818)! 

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I’ve said to Kurt, endlessly, just “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” It’s been, by far and away, the greatest creative experience of my life, and I just adore playing this guy. It requires a huge amount of energy. Kurt hands me these scripts, and I think to myself, “Jesus, I’m not sure if I can play this, but if you have the confidence in me, then I’ll give it my best shot.”  (x)

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Dude you are a crazy bitch. Leave the poor guy alone.

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Stop saying he’s a bad father, because he’s not. He is a good father to his son and he does great with him, and he really does do a lot for him and you. What you mean to say is that he’s a shitty person. If what he’s doing is true then he’s a shitty person, but I’ve witnessed him and Anthony being together and he’s a great dad. So.. Get it right

Jax & Tara through the seasons [S1]

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